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Derse knew what each presenter needed to make Samsung’s in-booth customer experience a success. We hit a slight roadblock, though, when we arrived on-site to find that the convention center crew was behind on installing Samsung’s rigging, flooring, wiring and freight delivery (which had no space to enter). We had eight hours to make up for the unfinished work – on top of what we already had planned for our original timeline.


Derse took matters into their own hands and attacked the challenge from all fronts. We also called on the support of one of our trusted I&D partners, Sho-Link, who gave us access to their on-site resources.

Sho-Link used their connections at the dock to get the delayed freight delivered and worked with the neighboring exhibit’s I&D team to clear space for the freight.

From the home office, Derse worked the phone tree, contacting the show organizer, manager and general contractor, and put the pressure on for them to send more crew.

Within the exhibit, Derse completed set up for each station and guided Samsung’s presenters to get them ready for show time.


Leadership and communication between Derse’s on-site and off-site teams and cooperation from Sho-Link led to Samsung’s success at HIMSS17. In total, Derse and Sho-Link completed 30 combined hours of work in a span of eight hours to get Samsung’s exhibit up and running. We dealt with the tough conversations, the paperwork and, ultimately, negotiated the appropriate refunds on Samsung’s behalf.

“The event was a tremendous success in terms of booth traffic, lead generation, number and quality of client and partner meetings, and in increasing the market awareness of Samsung Healthcare and our key solutions. The team went above and beyond the call of duty to make this event run smoothly.”

Jerry Berger
Senior Manager, Samsung Healthcare | Vertical Business

Derse has been a co-owner since Sho-Link’s inception in 1993.

About Sho-Link

Established as a cooperative by an elite group of national exhibit houses, Sho-Link is a nationwide high-quality I&D supplier with competent and experienced labor providing consistent service and know-how. Their focus is on managing the unexpected as a true partner in the many diversified fields of installation and dismantle that include tradeshows, museums, corporate environments, private events and retail installations.