Creating Stronger Brand Engagements Through


Architectural Design

Multimedia and Graphic Design

Customer Experience Design

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Derse transforms traditional face-to-face business encounters into multi-sensory experiences that surprise, excite, and inspire your customers to take action.


Derse’s approach to developing creative solutions is that of a face-to-face marketing consultant versus strictly an exhibit builder. Our architectural designers work intimately with you, employing a process that begins with extensive research and understanding of your business objectives.

The continuing process translates into marketing-based solutions across many disciplines including architecture, engagement, and branding. Guided by our beliefs, this goal focused approach is how we help you realize face-to-face marketing solutions that deliver on your sales objectives.


Derse has an in-house multi-disciplinary team of graphic and multimedia designers who work collaboratively with our architectural and experience designers. The multimedia team is responsible for creating messaging and visuals that can be merged into a consistent look and feel with any variety of elements such as booth graphics, digital signage, high-tech engagements, pre-show mailings, email activity, show literature, demonstration programs, or a follow-up touch point.


With an in-house, agency-experienced team, Derse’s approach to the customer experience is focused on making your face-to-face connections matter. Customer experience marketing actively engages people in an experience that creates product understanding, message resonance, and increased sales. It transforms traditional face-to-face business encounters into multi-sensory experiences focused on your target audience demographics.


There can be no creative fire without first nurturing the spark; therefore, we invest in our creative employees’ pursuit of the now and next when it comes to global trends in environmental and experiential design. Derse believes that it is more important than ever to attend industry events. CES, SXSW, and EuroShop are a few of the many events that inspire us to provide the newest technologies and trends to further inspire you and your audience.