We believe there is no substitute for face-to-face experiences to create the most meaningful connections with your customers. But today’s circumstances require us to use alternate engagement approaches in creative ways.

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Below are the different types of virtual experiences we have experience developing. We will work closely with you to determine the specific features and enhancements you want and need to bring your vision to life, virtually.

Virtual Exhibits

With renders and content already in-hand, consider re-creating your trade show virtually. We’ll work with you to develop a digital experience that makes the most of your trade show investment.

Virtual Events

Take your planned event and deliver it in a live stream format to hundreds of participants with a vetted, content presentation platform customizable for your brand and audience.

Virtual Conference

Re-create your entire conference with digital assets and engagements. This approach brings together an entire trade show and event experience, similar to a proprietary conference.

Today, a lot of companies are offering virtual ways to reach and engage with customers. Our experts can quickly get your virtual experiences off the ground:


We’re experts in telling brand stories as engagingly as possible, no matter the platform.


We have in-house strategy, design, customer experience, and measurement experts who connect the objectives and elements of your virtual experience to help drive better engagement.


We have a several vetted media and production partners to get you the content you need, quickly.


While many companies are thinking about using virtual experiences as a temporary fix, we are approaching them with a different lens.

We see virtual as a hybrid approach—not just a temporary band-aid.

That leads us to introduce our concept of The Infinity Loop: an eight step customer journey bridging people-focused online experiences and a safe return to face-to-face engagement.

Interested in hearing more about Derse’s Infinity Loop?

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