An organization’s brand is a symbolic embodiment of all information related to the product, service, or company. It represents a company’s visual look and feel, but more importantly, it can produce an intangible and emotional customer bond created by every interaction.

In the midst of a brand relaunch, SentinelOne headed into RSA knowing they needed to stand out among an entire show floor of competitors. RSA is one of the largest trade shows in the cybersecurity industry, bringing together more than 50,000 attendees looking to stay ahead of cybersecurity threats and learn the latest trends and solutions for a more secure tomorrow.


In a sea of cybersecurity and technology leaders at RSA, SentinelOne turned to Derse to create an exhibit that would bring their new brand to life while showcasing their latest technologies and aspirations for the future.


Derse’s solution integrated SentinelOne’s advertising campaign related to space, time, and the future by using a neural pattern representative of the web of cybersecurity and endpoint protection. Digital components, striking visuals, and a functional floor plan provided SentinelOne with a stunning exhibit immersing attendees in their brand and products.


Derse delivered on SentinelOne’s objectives to bring their brand to life and RSA attendees couldn’t agree more.

The booth design was called “impactful,” “forward-thinking,” and “futuristic” by many attendees of RSA.

Booth traffic increased 40% from the previous year.