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With the healthcare industry evolving and the oversaturation of health-related products on the market, healthcare companies and hospitals are turning to experiential marketing to reach out to patients.

At RSNA, Fujifilm needed to maximize their face time with their customers and prospects. With an open design concept and an attractive engagement, Fujifilm exceeded their expectations with the longest dwell times they’ve ever had.


For RSNA, Fujifilm wanted to provide a consultative environment where existing and potential clients could actively participate through dynamic product demonstrations. They also wanted to present their solutions, position themselves as an industry-leading innovator, and demonstrate their commitment to improving healthcare outcomes.


At its core, Fujifilm is one company with many solutions. Derse designed

an exhibit that visualized this concept by organizing all product areas around

a central hub. The hub itself symbolized the Fujifilm Open Innovation

Hub technology center in Japan and the company’s six core technologies

(healthcare, digital imaging, optical devices, document solutions, graphic

systems and highly functional materials).

To further engage visitors, Derse also designed an augmented reality experience using a 3D brochure that emphasized the features and benefits of a new x-ray imaging plate.

Participants picked up the product and pointed it at a tablet containing a camera / proprietary software. This triggered a video animation that brought the features and benefits to life. As a result, dynamic conversation ensued between attendees and sales representatives.

This was the first time in my trade show management career that doctors – and even our competitors – came up to me to compliment the booth design. They said it was a beacon that lit up the exhibit halls and drew you in off of the aisle.”
– Steven Marchese, Fujifilm


  1. Average dwell time was 20 minutesa 45% increase from the previous year
  2. Exceeded visitor goals for augmented reality experience by 50%
  3. More than 50% of booth visitors returned to the booth on multiple days

Derse helped Fujifilm stand out amongst the more than 600 industry-leading exhibitors.