Stand Out Design Engages International Audience


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Whether you’re exhibiting domestically or internationally, design speaks to an attendee’s eyes, heart, and mind.

This makes the show floor the perfect opportunity to debut your rebrand with stunning creative – leaving attendees with a mental image of your new brand that goes beyond the event.

With a new rebrand on the horizon, Vitamix understood the importance of perfecting the design of their new international exhibit. Find out how Derse combined the company’s established brand values with new brand design to create a memorable brand relaunch at Ambiente 2017.


Preparing for a rebrand, Vitamix needed to update the international exhibit they used at Ambiente the past two years. They wanted the new booth to be reminiscent of their brand’s new color palette and also showcase their new product lineup versatility. Looking for a fresh approach to a show they frequently exhibit, Vitamix trusted Derse with the job.


Inspired by Vitamix high-performance blending technology, Derse pinpointed a concept for the new 30x36 booth: Mix 2.0. Using themes like simplicity, comfort, and high-quality, the concept rolled together Vitamix’s new branding with their nature as leader in the industry.

Booth Layout

Every area of the exhibit served a purpose and contributed to teaching attendees about the Vitamix brand and products. The booth immersed attendees and showed them why Vitamix is the best product on the market. Attendees moved throughout the booth watching chefs create custom recipes in the demonstration kitchen, tasting samples handed out in the booth, and interacting with the products displayed on specially-designed shelves.


The exhibit served a higher-purpose than to combine the brand’s multiple capabilities into one location. It served as a social mixer – allowing multiple people from attendees to chefs to sales reps to interact with one another. The staff choreography coupled with the longbar, outside of the open kitchen, and communal seating gave attendees and staff the opportunity to initiate and participate in open discussion about Vitamix.


Derse knew how to take Vitamix’s face-to-face marketing program to the next level during the company’s new product launch and rebrand. We delivered a show-stopping exhibit by blending together educational elements with architectural design. Attendees were sure to remember the booth beyond the show floor as Vitamix deployed their rebrand through all marketing channels.